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General conditions of use and access to the web

1. Company Identification

Ownerr of the Web: RX-ECO SERVITEK S.C in forward SERVITEK

Our head office RX-ECO SERVITEK S. C. - PO Box 9 - Tamariu - 17212 Girona (Spain)

To contact SERVITEK for any communication in relation this web site, it can do it across the e-mail: info@servitek.net

Information of inscription in the record of civil societies from the date 20-1-2009

Company registered in Spain with CIF: J-55024723

2. Acceptance of the conditions of use

The User promises to do a suitable and lawful use of the web site and of the Contents, of conformity with the applicable Legislation, the present General Conditions of SERVITEK's Use, the mulberry tree and good generally accepted customs and the public order, binding to indemnify SERVITEK for any hurt or prejudice that it could cause for the use of this web, infringing these general conditions and / or the in force legality. The use or access to this web page implies the knowledge and the full acceptance of the legal warnings and terms of access that later are detailed.

IMPORTANTLY: SERVITEK saves himself the right to modify the terms of access under own initiative and without need of previous notice to the user, coming into force immediately on having acceded to this web site. It is his responsibility to verify, of periodic form, the terms of access in effect to that it is obliged.

A. The User will have to abstain of:

I. To reduce or to harm the reputation and SERVITEK's good name

II. To do a not authorized or fraudulent use of the web page and / or of his Contents with ends or illicit effects

III. To agree or to try to accede to resources or areas restricted of the web page, without fulfilling the conditions demanded for the above mentioned access.

IV.To introduce or to spread in the network virus IT or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of provoking hurts in the physical or logical systems of the owner of the domain, of his suppliers or of third parties.

V. To try to acces, to use and / or to manipulate the information of the owner of the domain, third suppliers and other users.

VI. To suppress, to conceal or to manipulate the notes on rights of intellectual or industrial property and other information identificativos of the rights of SERVITEK or of third users of the web site, as well as the technical devices of protection or any mechanisms of information that could be inserted in the Contents

VII. To obtain and / or to try to obtain the Contents using for it means or procedures different from on those that, according to the cases, they have put to his disposition to this effect or have been indicated expressly in the web pages where they find the Contents or, in general, of those who are used habitually in Internet for not containing a risk of hurt or unutilization of SERVITEK and / or of the Contents.

B. Precision of the information and availability of this web site.

All the information and materials contained in this web site have been prepared by the exclusive intention of offering a general information about our company and the products and services that we commercialize. The information and materials published in this web site offer as good faith for his convenience and it can be in use with intention of information exclusively and at all time according to these Terms of Access.

We strain for assuring that the information and the materials published in this web site are correct and updated. Nevertheless, and up to the maximum that allows the law, we cannot guarantee of explicit or implicit form that the information and the materials published in this web site are precise, exhaustive, true or complete. Especially, we do not guarantee (explicit or implicitly) the adequacy of any specific intention of the above mentioned information or materials. The information contained in this web site does not constitute any type of advice and / or recommendation.SERVITEK does not promise to update or correct the information and / or materials contained in this web site, but it saves itself the right to introduce improvements and / or changes (including the retreat) in the products and / or programs described in this information, as well as to suppressing and / or displacing any information or materials at any time without previous notice.

Though we try to assure that this web site is available 24 hours of the day, we decline any responsibility if, for any motive, this web site is not available in any moment in a certain time. The access to this web site can be suspended temporarily or permanently without previous notice.

C. Product information

The information that SERVITEK publishes in this web site can contain cross-references to products, programs and SERVITEK's services that are not announced or available in his country. The above mentioned references do not presuppose that SERVITEK tries to announce the above mentioned products, programs or services in his country. We recommend in any case that it should consult with SERVITEK to obtain information about products, programs or services to his disposition.

D. Access and Information use

His access to this web site is strictly bordered to visualizing, to using, to coming out and guarding the information contained in this web site exclusively for his legitimate personal or commercial use. There remains strictly prohibited any access to this web site with an intention different from the allowed one in these Terms of Access, as well as any access or attempt of access to other areas of SERVITEK's IT system or another information contained in the system with any intention. SERVITEK saves himself the right to chase legally the offenders of this term.

E. I warn of intellectual property

The information and materials contained in this web site are subject to copyright and / or other rights of property (including, but without limitation of, laws of registered, clear brands and commercial secrets) belonging a/o licensed for SERVITEK. All the rights relative to the above mentioned information and materials are reserved to SERVITEK or to our third grantors.

You can come out to a local hard disk and / or stamp individual sections of this web site for use and personal information or for internal use of his business providing that he respects the copyright or other rights of property or intellectual contents in the original material in all the unloads and / or realized copies. Any unload of files will be realized under his own responsibility

You accept that all the rights of property of and on the above mentioned material and / or materials on which there relapse other rights of intellectual property they are reserved to SERVITEK or to our third grantors, and that you do not have any more rights respect of material sayings that the indicated ones previously.

The products, technologies or processes described in this web site can be an object of other rights of intellectual property reserved to SERVITEK or to third parties. You do not possess any right respect of the above mentioned products, technologies or processes.

You cannot reproduce (in its entirety or partly), modify, descompilar, dismount, transmit or use for any commercial intention any information ni/o materials of this web site without our previous express assent in writing.

F. Hyperlinks

This web site can contain links a/o from other web sites independent SERVITEK's. The links of this web site are included only by informative intention. SERVITEK neither takes responsibility nor has control on the content of the above mentioned web sites and a/o does not show any explicit or implicit guarantee on any other linked web site from this web site. The incorporation of any link a/o from the above mentioned web sites does not imply the approval, esponsorización or recommendation on the part of SERVITEK of the above mentioned web sites, his suppliers, products and / or services.The links of hypertext or other signpostings this web site contained in any other web site or document are not allowed without our previous assent in writing. On having acceded to this web site, you accept that it is his responsibility to take the necessary precautions to assure that any information and / or materials contained in and / or linked a/o from this web site that it should select for his use they will be free of virus, worms, Trojan and other articles of destructive nature.

G. Communications to SERVITEK

SERVITEK doesn´t want to receive confidential information of you across this web site. On having sent to SERVITEK any material, comment, suggestion, idea, graph or another information across this web site (including, without limitation, the use of any way of contact indicated in this web site), you grant the right to SERVITEK without restrictions, not exclusively, irrevocable and free of royalties, to using, reproducing, showing, executing, modifying, transmitting and distributing the above mentioned materials (as they are described) and also he agrees that SERVITEK is free to use any idea,Concept, knowledge or technology that he us sends for any intention. Nevertheless, until we request his permission or notify to him in advance that the materials or information sent by you to a specific part of this web site will be published by his name, or except in case it should be asked us by law, we will not publish his name or will report that you have sent his materials or information.

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