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If you have an idea we develop it and if you have a project we give him the best solution using the last technologies. We design electronic and mechanical equipments for the following applications

  • Laboratory Equipments for pathological anatomy: Paraffin dispensers , cryogenic Unit of cold, Thermostátics Baths ...
  • Equipments of electronic cold with cells of peltier effect for medical use, Devices of aesthetics, Iceboxes, Water sources ... all this without compressors.
  • We make and design membrane keyboards for special applications, Domestic appliances, medical Equipments...
  • Design of Biomedical applications using high technology components.

Our projects expire with the regulations community CE. We re-design in addition equipments to adapt them to the regulations community CE and in turn take advantage of the new technologies. We offer them maximum confidentiality in writing of his projects and ideas.

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  • División Ingeniería