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The electronics has supposed the latter years an enormous advance of the domestic appliances but as in other sectors also he has supposed the creation of the most qualified services of repair.

In SERVITEK we have solved the problem of the repair of the electronic cards giving solutions that definitively contribute to the companies a major economic saving and simultaneously a major loyalty of the clients to the different brands.

Solutions that lengthen the life of the domestic appliances and that in addition indirectly contribute his grain of sand on having reduced the environmental impact in the manufacture of electronic cards.

Our agility and experience in the design has allowed to contribute also to the most prestigious brands a service of improvement in the production and design of cards contributing solutions that reduce the production faults to an a very limited cost .

The leadership reached in the sector has allowed us to extend our services to sectors associated as that of the refrigeration and air conditioning.

Nowadays we possess the confidence of the most prestigious Brands of the market like: REMLE, AEG, FAGOR, SMEG, MIELE, BOSH, LIEBHERR, FRIGICOLL...

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